2012, Damascus, Syria.

“Three boxes”

An interactive installation work that represents the propaganda of Sex, Religion, Politics, and Power. The truth about these figures is inside the boxes; A blinding flashlight, a broken mirror that distorts reality, and a gas mask.

“Censorship box”

‘‘The place in which you move is itself a puzzle. How do you see it, if you look at it from the outside? Should you manage to grasp it, you are likely to try to explore it, driven by curiosity and love for control. You’ve got to try. The result may be different, and you may perhaps learn that you know nothing.’’ -Firas Chehab

Propaganda was a group installation exhibition sponsored by “British Council”. We used visual art with multimedia to raise some questions about our choices in life, and the role of media in navigating those choices.

Artists: Amr Alshalati, Mouna Abuassali, Nada Ali. Curator: Firas Chehab.


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